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As a teacher and mentor advisors play a role in guiding students into their chosen careers. Advisors also play the important role of supporting students before, during, and after their internship/externship. These best practices can help students get the most out of their internship/externship experience.

Helping students prepare:

  1. Discuss the goals and expectations the student hopes to get out of the internship. Document these, and encourage the student to express these goals and expectations to their site supervisor.
  2. Discuss with the student that sexual harassment and sexual assault are forms of sex discrimination, and the educational community at your campus has a responsibility to promptly respond to a report.
  3. Discuss with the student that an advisor is also a responsible employee of the university. If the student reports sexual harassment or assault it might prompt an investigation. If the student needs assistance with an alternative internship placement, the campus will provide assistance and support.

Supporting students during an internship:

  1. Set up regular times to check in with the student while they are onsite. If travel limitations do not allow for face to face meetings, have regularly scheduled phone calls.
  2. Meet with or call the site supervisor. Reinforce the goals and expectations previously discussed with the student.
  3. Set up additional times to speak with the site supervisor during the course of the internship. Take care to have these conversations separately from the check in you have with the student.

Additional information for faculty and staff can be found at the Center for Changing Our Campus Culture.

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